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Our team is licensed and certified to work in the state of Florida.

We have over 20+ years of experience to ensure that you receive quality & timely roofing services.

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Our History

Juan Torres of JT Roofing, Inc. started roofing at the age of 16 alongside his father, Pedro, who has been in the roofing industry in Florida for over 30 years. Combined, JT Roofing, Inc. has over 70 years of roofing experience. 

Juan and Pedro have over 2,000 projects that they have completed in that time and that number only continues to grow. 

We understand from our years in the industry what it takes to give the customer what they deserve and what is expected. We plan accordingly and work tightly with our vendors, manufactures and building departments to give you the best possible roofing experience.

Our Team


Our Team

All of our staff works together as a team to accomplish the same goals of giving the customers the best roofing experience possible. 

We take pride in our work and also the company that we keep inside of our team.

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